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We hope that all the information you require can be found on our individual website pages but to help you we have put together a list of frequently asked questions and the answers.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for please contact us.

Who uses holistic therapies?

Anyone, men and women who are interested in improving or maintaining their health and well-being. Our clients range in age from children to seniors.

Why do people choose to see a holistic therapist?

Reasons vary from individual to individual but in our experience the majority of clients choose to see a holistic therapist to combat the symptoms of stress due to the pace and pressure of modern life. The main reason our clients choose to see us are for the benefits that the services we provide offer including stress reduction, recovery from injury, increase in flexibility and mobility, relief from chronic problems such as arthritis, improved sleep, enhanced relaxation, personal development and many more.

Which holistic therapy is best for me?

In general terms if you are looking for relief from a physical condition such as muscle tension, muscle stiffness we recommend Massage Therapy, If you are looking for relief from headaches, migraines, stress, improved sleep and enhanced relaxation we recommend Vibrational Therapies, however because we take a holistic approach the long term treatment plan will be unique to each individual client and may require a mix of physical treatment options such as Massage Therapy and energetic treatment options such as Vibrational Therapies. We are happy to to discuss your requirements and offer our advice on which treatment option would be best and most suitable for you and your expectations.

I have private health insurance, can I claim for holistic therapy treatments?

It depends on your insurance policy as different companies offer different levels and types of cover for treatments. We can provide you with a receipt for any treatments you have for you to submit to your insurance company in support of your claim but we would recommend checking withe your insurer before booking an appointment.

Do you have disabled access?

Our facilities located within the refurbished Hyde Business Centre are all on one level with a disabled toilet on site. There is ample provision for disabled access and indeed we have several disabled clients who use wheelchairs who have no problem attending their appointments with us. 

What can I expect during an appointment?

Your appointment will begin with a thorough consultation to determine exactly what your expectations from treatment are and what areas we need to address in your treatment plan. We will discuss the findings with you and together we will create a short,medium and long term treatment plan. You will not have to undress unless your appointment is for Massage Therapy and even then we respect your modesty, covering you with towels on those areas not being treated, however you will be asked to remove shoes, jewellery, belts and ties to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment. Please come wearing loose, comfortable and warm clothing when attending appointments with us.

Are your therapists qualified?

Yes, all our therapists are highly qualified with awards in nationally recognised qualification. They are also fully insured and members of a professional organisation.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, we operate by appointment only. To book a convenient appointment time call 0161 667 1253, call or send a text to 07939 225 273 or use our online booking service Bookeo to make appointments. Bookeo is easy to use and lets you make appointments with us any time of day or night, from any computer. What’s more, Bookeo will send you a reminder before your appointments.

When should I arrive for my appointment?

We ask that you arrive 10 or 15 minutes earlier that your scheduled appointment time to allow you to relax and unwind prior to the start of your treatment.

What happens if I am late?

We allow clients 10 minutes grace however we will be unable to see clients who are more than 10 minutes late as this would cause delays to our next client. Clients who are late will still be charged for the full price of the treatment.

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

We are happy to rearrange your appointment to another day or time providing to give us 24 hours notice. Cancellations received with less than 24 hours notice will be subject to a charge of 50% of the original appointment cost.

Are there any circumstances when holistic therapies are not be suitable?

If you are at all concerned about any aspect of your health and well-being we recommend that you see your GP or other medical practitioner for advice.

Certain medical conditions may require verbal or written approval from your GP/Doctor before treatment can be given. In some cases the treatment may require modification. If you are currently under medical supervision, please check with your doctor or other qualified medical practitioner before embarking on any form of holistic therapy, especially if your chosen treatment is a form of massage and you are suffering from a cardiovascular condition, heart disease, thrombosis, phlebitis, oedema, psoriasis, eczema, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, cancer, epilepsy, diabetes and bell’s palsy, trapped or pinched nerves.

Most holistic therapies cannot be carried out for those clients who are:

  • Suffering from a contagious or infectious skin condition
  • Suffering form undiagnosed lumps, bumps or pain
  • Under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs
  • Recovering from major surgery carried out less than 6 months ago
  • Suffering from cancer (unless verbal/written approval from their GP/Doctor or Consultant has been obtained)
  • Recovering from a recent neck or head injury
  • Suffering from a fever

Because of the law in the UK we require a consultant or doctor’s verbal or written approval to state that they are happy for you to receive your preferred treatment option if you being treated for cancer.

Ear candling treatments cannot be carried out for those clients who have:

  • An infection of the ear
  • Inflammation of the ear
  • Had surgery on the ear within the last 3 months
  • Perforation of the ear drum
  • Auricular cysts
  • Grommets, drains or ventilation tubes fitted
  • Known allergy to any of the candle ingredients

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