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Massage Therapy

The history of Massage Therapy can be traced back over 5,000 years varying in many different types and applications. Chinese, Persian, and Egyptian cultures have all recorded the use of Massage Therapy for a variety of purposes including the improvement of circulatory and joint movement issues. Massage therapy reduce stress, relieve pain and provide emotional release. It can be defined as the application of soft-tissue manipulation techniques to the body and is generally intended to reduce stress and fatigue whilst improving circulation as well as promoting relaxation and well-being.

Touch is essential for stimulating our nervous system and promoting healthy physical development. It is also critical for our mental and social development. Touch is an instinctive, natural language that we all speak and understand. One of the advantages of massage therapy is that it is formalised touch, in other words you have permission to touch someone within established and defined boundaries for therapeutic benefit.

Do you suffer from stress? Massage reduces stress and increases energy levels. It is extremely helpful in relieving the conditions and symptoms associated with stress such as anxiety, insomnia, asthma and irritable bowel.

Do you suffer from restless legs? Massage releases contracted muscles which in turn releases the pressure on the nerves in the legs that causes the pins and needles feeling and tingling experienced by sufferers of restless legs.

Do you suffer from joint pain? Massage improves circulation around joints and stimulates the production of a natural lubrication within them, relieving pain from conditions such as osteoarthritis. Do you suffer from poor posture? Massage releases restrictions in muscles, joints, and the surrounding fascia so your body is then free to return to a more natural and healthy posture. It can also relieve the contracted muscles and pain caused by curvature of the spine or scoliosis.

How does massage work to relax muscles? The hands and forearms are used to rhythmically knead, rub, and stroke, effluerage muscles, circulation is stimulated. Blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrients and is key to helping muscles eliminate waste products such as lactic acid that may collect in muscles from spasms causing pain. Following trauma, muscles may act as mini-splints to protect and limit motion, similar to a cast on a broken arm. A typical example is a person who uses a computer for a prolonged time period without taking a break to stretch the neck. The result is a stiff neck, aching or even pain. Taking periodic breaks to rub, mini-massage and stretch the neck will promote circulation to the muscles.

Comfy Client Cushion System

Clients are NOT FLAT and therefore can NEVER be completely comfortable lying against a flat surface, no matter how much padding is on the couch. With our Comfy Client Cushion system they will relax as they feel as though they’re floating on air. This superb contoured luxury cushion system consists of memory foam that contours to each individual body shape giving our clients maximum comfort and full support during treatments including pregnancy massage.

Features include:

comfy client

  • NHS Approved Covers & Face Saver Offer Sinus Protection
  • Perfect Neck & Spine Alignment
  • Complete Breast Tissue, Abdomen, Pregnancy, Male Genitalia Support & Comfort
  • Relieves Joint Pressure

All treatments are carried out in complete comfort allowing clients to let go and relax without the need to re-position themselves in order to stay comfy.



Options available

  • Back & Shoulder Massage
  • Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
  • Full Body Massage
  • Full Body Massage including Face Massage
  • Full Body Massage including Face & Foot Massage
  • Arms & Hands Massage
  • Thai Foot Massage
  • Holistic Facial Massage
  • NYR Organic Facial Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Desk-bound Massage
  • Trigger Point Massage/NAT®
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Children & Teens Massage Therapy
A number of operations and weeks on crutches left me with tense shoulders and neck, stress headaches and a general feeling of soreness in my upper body. Jo sorted all that out!! What a star. I recommend her wholeheartedly
- Kathy Bouch
<cite> - Kathy Bouch </cite>

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Joanne Lee

I am a fully qualified, insured and experienced Holistic Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Life Coach specialising in in relaxation, chronic health conditions, infertility, stress management, holistic health and well-being.


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